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Mistakes New SaaS Companies Make that Impede Growth

3  Mistakes New SaaS Companies Make that Impede Growth Many new SaaS companies start out with a product and a dream of growing their business around that product. Then, they hit the market and realize they aren’t growing at the rate they expected. It can be discouraging, but having an expert in your corner like SaaS Gurus founder, Anthony Nitsos, can help you understand the mistakes new SaaS companies make and how to avoid them. Here are 3 common mistakes that new SaaS companies make that impede growth.   Mistake 1: No Clear Marketing Strategy Many new SaaS companies have [...]

10x Business Plan: How to Build a Unicorn Startup

What I've seen companies struggle the most with is figuring out how to get to market. They've got a great product and understand what its value proposition is. Yet, these companies struggle to get the word out to their target in a way that the target can realize. The problem of decoding the DNA of the company recurs over and over again. The issue mainly comes down to the fact that many tech startups don't think of the go-to-market stage.

SaaS Profit and Loss Actual vs Budget

We talked about the Profit and Loss statement laid out in roll ups in our previous article. Now we are going to explain how to translate this Profit and Loss statement into what amounts to an actual versus budget analysis.

SaaS Accounting for Startups: Profit and Loss 101

If you have an accounting system set up by a tax CPA, you need to show them this and say, "I want my accounting system to produce this kind of a report." This format is not just something that we made up. This statement is straight out of Pacific Crest, Key Bank Research and is what the industry is expecting.

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