Fractional CFO Anthony Nitsos Shares Expertise at Omnistruct’s Executive Roundtable

In the competitive landscape of SaaS startups, strategic financial management and robust cybersecurity measures are essential for success. At the recent Omnistruct's Executive Roundtable, Anthony Nitsos, Founder and Fractional CFO of SaaS Gurus, was a subject matter expert invited to attend to shed light on the intersection of financial management, data governance, and cybersecurity in the SaaS industry. Nitsos's expertise in financial management shone through as he delved into the intricacies of managing finances effectively within the dynamic realm of SaaS startups. He emphasized the critical role of fractional CFOs in providing strategic financial guidance and ensuring fiscal responsibility, allowing [...]

SaaS Consultant Helps FinTech App Scale ARR and Streamline Finance Ops

This was a FinTech application company that we partnered with as a SaaS consultant. The problems that we had at the before stage were the CEO was spending 40% of their time getting the numbers. You can imagine how aggravating that is when you’re not spending time and attention on sales and development.

How to Build an Ecosystem for Business

Your finance and stakeholder system is like your company's reef. It’s important to make sure that your ecosystem is healthy and that everything in it fits together and is in harmony. This allows you to concentrate on the tasks that are important to your business. So what does a healthy finance and stakeholder ecosystem consist of?

SaaS Metrics: Learn Most Important Metrics to Track

One piece of the financial core triad is your SaaS metrics. Every business is different, and everybody has their favorite metrics that they want to focus on at different times.  But some metrics make more sense based on the level of maturity of your business.

SaaS Fractional CFO Lists Benefits of F&S Ecosystem

SaaS Fractional CFO, Anthony Nitsos and Clayton Whitfield from SaaS Optics discuss the importance of a F&S Ecosystem. If your finance and stakeholder ecosystem is a mess you might get away with it for a few years, but sooner or later it's going to be the thing that's holding the business back.

SaaS Sales Forecasting: Everything You Need to Know

SaaS accounting, metrics and forecasting are the parts of the Finance and Stakeholder Ecosystem that we call the financial core. This triad of the accounting, budgeting and SaaS metrics needs to be set up as a synergy so that they talk to each other.

SaaS Accounting for Startups: Profit and Loss 101

If you have an accounting system set up by a tax CPA, you need to show them this and say, "I want my accounting system to produce this kind of a report." This format is not just something that we made up. This statement is straight out of Pacific Crest, Key Bank Research and is what the industry is expecting.

Michigan Fractional CFO Services That Take Chaos to Clarity

This Finance and Stakeholder Ecosystem includes pretty much everything in your back office plus many key parts that feed into it. Without the help of a CFO, this Finance and Stakeholder Ecosystem usually ends up being quite chaotic and we bring that ecosystem to clarity for SaaS businesses in Michigan and throughout the U.S.

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