Michigan Fractional CFO Services That Take Chaos to Clarity

Michigan Fractional CFO Services That Take Chaos to Clarity

A little bit about what SaaS Gurus does as a Michigan Fractional CFO. We take what we call the Finance and Stakeholder Ecosystem, and make it less chaotic.

This Finance and Stakeholder Ecosystem includes pretty much everything in your back office plus many key parts that feed into it. Without the help of a CFO, this Finance and Stakeholder Ecosystem usually ends up being quite chaotic and we bring that ecosystem to clarity for SaaS businesses in Michigan and throughout the U.S.

Finance and Stakeholder Ecosystem

A disorganized Finance and Stakeholder Ecosystem really gets in the way of scaling your business, effective management and execution by the leadership team. It causes frustration for boards and for investors when these financial components are not in order.

We like to use the analogy of an asteroid. We’ve all heard about the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, and today we have a system that detects those things out in space so that we can get some advanced warning before they get there.

When it comes to your finances, would you like to find that asteroid when it’s out at the orbit of Pluto? Or would you want to know when it’s at the orbit of the moon, so you can make some changes to your business ahead of time? We believe that early detection, early change, especially for early stage companies can have a huge payoff for your business in avoided costs and frustration.

Anthony Nitsos, Founder and Fractional CFO

Anthony Nitsos elevates your financial strategy to meet challenges and drive your company value. Working with pre-seed to Series B stage SaaS startups, he ensures that founders have reliable metrics and a solid understanding of the true economics of their business to maximize valuation. He optimizes financial operations, sales operations, human resources operations, and risk management systems. He’s worked with various startups, including two unicorn exits.
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