SaaS Fractional CFO

SaaS CFO That Transforms Businesses

A SaaS CFO does more than optimize businesses, it transforms them. The ripple effect of  implementing the correct systems, processes, and technology reaches every area within a business. We talked about business optimization in our previous article: How a Part-Time CFO Can Optimize Your Business But what’s that business like once it is optimized and how does hiring a SaaS CFO transform it? What Does an Optimized Business Look Like? A key advantage of an optimized business is a system that allows a single point of data entry for all information. For example, a business may have information on a [...]

SaaS Fractional CFO Lists Benefits of F&S Ecosystem

SaaS Fractional CFO, Anthony Nitsos and Clayton Whitfield from SaaS Optics discuss the importance of a F&S Ecosystem. If your finance and stakeholder ecosystem is a mess you might get away with it for a few years, but sooner or later it's going to be the thing that's holding the business back.

Michigan Fractional CFO Services That Take Chaos to Clarity

This Finance and Stakeholder Ecosystem includes pretty much everything in your back office plus many key parts that feed into it. Without the help of a CFO, this Finance and Stakeholder Ecosystem usually ends up being quite chaotic and we bring that ecosystem to clarity for SaaS businesses in Michigan and throughout the U.S.

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